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Enable Lean at Every Machine

Increase Efficiency - Typically 10 to 50% on the Shop Floor

"If you can Measure it - then you can Manage it"

Using our Packaged Toolkit Solution, we enable you to 
monitor & control your machines so you can increase revenues and reduce costs

  • OEE can monitor ANY MACHINE in real-time; reporting on cycle time, parts produced, reject analysis, labor tracking and more, all to reduce downtime & improve efficiency for any and all machines.
  • DNC can control machines and load programs fast, with special features, all increasing efficiency.
  • Component hardware (Memory, Connectivity, File Servers, BTR, etc.) we offer to make machines perform faster.

Kick-off OEE Productivity Improvement

To Measure Is To Know MTConnect enabled Different Devices, Common Connection


Shop Floor to Top Floor Automation - in Real-Time

OEE metrics of ANY and ALL machines with a direct hardware connection

Immediate Visibility of production status and comprehensive data collection

Send ERP or scheduled work orders and/or CNC programs direct to the machine.
Receive actual real-time status and Shop Floor results immediately back to the Top Floor.
Increase efficiency with information - If you can Measure it – then you can Manage it.

More detail

Automated Data Collection

Direct from the machine in Real-Time

Imagine complementing your application with data collected direct from the machine, accurate downtimes, part counts, time to job completion, metrics and much more.  No need for bar-code scanning or operator intervention.

Manufacturing Connectivity Solutions

Machine Monitoring & Control with OEE+DNC Enables Flexibility for Manufacturing Productivity
Every Machine a Node on the Corporate Network

Integrated machine monitoring and adaptive control with OEE+DNC has great advantages for efficiency, offering automation for manufacturing flexibility and productivity that can increase profitability.

Memex Offers Hardware & Software Tools for Manufacturing

We can increase the efficiency of any of your existing machines

Since 1992, the principals of Memex have specialized in the CNC optimization world. Over the years we have tackled challenges related to FMS factory automation, retrofits and enterprise communication initiatives for the Aerospace, Automotive, Production & Job Shop sectors. Now with our Astrix Networks Inc. corporate group, dealers and technical experts world-wide, we can help you reduce waste and get "Lean" - call today!


  • Real-time production visibility for everyone in the plant – including alerts through email or paging.
  • Operator productivity with real-time reaction
  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) metrics for productivity measuring.
  • Better tracking and analysis of reasons for machine failure
  • Recovering downtime
  • Reducing rejects
  • Tracking direct machine tool usage and improving maintenance
  • Productivity improvement that will enhance your competitiveness


Customers of ours generally see production improvements on the shop floor in the 5 - 20% range, with a payback to the bottom line typically measured in months.


AxDNC for Windows XP, Vista through to Windows 95 is a 32-bit multi-threaded communications & file management system allowing simultaneous upload and download to multiple CNC controls and includes a CNC Editor and Backplotter. AxDNC is easily connected to CAD/CAM systems over industry standard networks and is available in a Client-Server configuration. Besides machine tool DNC communications, other shop floor data can be collected from shop terminals, tool pre-setters, bar code equipment or SPC systems.


In the discrete manufacturing metalworking sector, Memex is known for its' Fanuc & Yasnac CNC memory upgrades, BTR tape reader emulators & AxDNC machine tool file transfer software. We also offer firmware upgrades, Mitsubishi & Mazatrol memory  as well as SRAM cards. Our newest product offers local to the machine memory, up to 1 Gig, allowing "Fast Store, Paced Forward" to load on the control at it's maximum speed - ideal for large programs requiring control at the machine.


Memex has hardware for communications, networked, ethernet and wireless to connect all your machines on the shop floor. This has the benefit of improving productivity by faster program loading and monitoring results. Memex offers various cables, data shuttles, battery replacement units and other various connectivity components for the machine tool industry.


Memex offers component tools to make your shop floor productive. We have now extended our shop floor productivity solutions to include adaptive control, machine monitoring, hand held devices, marquee monitors, touch screen computers, battery replacement units, and OEE enterprise level software and the resources of our many business partners.


Memex Automation introduces CNC connectivity that maximizes program usage at the machine. Save time and increase reliability by loading large files locally (buffering up to 2 GB) with a graphical interface for “drag and drop” of files between a PC and CNC. By Reducing Operating Costs — Turn it into Profit.  Ax2200HS offers supplemental memory, it is the first product to utilize this revolutionary way part programs are managed on your factory floor, transfer files seamlessly between CNC and PC. Easy installation on any control with our many options for Universal Network Interfaces.  Old machines can now perform at today’s standards.

The Memex machine monitoring solution is based on a Universal Machine Interface (UMI) Ax9150 platform representing a combination of software and hardware to connect to any machine.  It has been designed to be an inexpensive solution with advanced features and functions.  It offers a powerful signal conditioning logic ladder utility that allows ANY machine to be monitored.


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